Who is Pizza Patrón?

Pizza Patrón is a unique and highly focused brand, which has carved out its own niche in the pizza industry by positioning itself as the premier Mexican pizza brand. The Patrón experience is about enriching American life with Mexican culture.

What makes Pizza Patrón different?

Although we sell traditional American style pizza at our stores, along with a few Mexican-inspired recipes, it’s our unique respect for Mexican culture that separates us from our competitors and creates a one-of-a-kind experience for our customers. It also doesn’t hurt that we offer the best food values in the pizza industry.

What are the Pizza Patrón hours of operation?

Pizza Patrón stores are typically open from 11am-10pm, Sunday-Thursday and 11am-Midnight, Friday-Saturday. Hours may vary at different locations.

Does Pizza Patrón deliver?

In order to maintain great values in our menu offerings, our stores only offer carryout service.

How can I find Pizza Patrón locations near me?

Click on the “Find Us” button at the top of our website and put in your city name or zip code. Our location finder will show each store’s address and phone number.

Where can I find the Pizza Patrón phone number for my local store?

You can find the phone number of your local Pizza Patrón store by clicking on the “Find Us” button at the top of our website and putting in your city name or zip code.

Does Pizza Patrón Offer Catering?

Yes! Let us make your next fiesta hit, just click over to our “Party Foods” page and take a look at the options we offer for your next special occasion.

How Can I Give Feedback To Pizza Patrón About My Restaurant Experience?

Pizza Patrón is committed to providing excellent service and great tasting, high quality food. If you would like to provide us with comments and/or suggestions please complete our online contact form or give us a call at (210) 614-7888.

Where Can I Find Nutritional Information About Pizza Patrón’s Products?

You can find the nutritional information about each of our food items when you browse through our menu.

What Are Your Payment Options When Ordering Online?

Most of our Pizza Patrón locations accept cash, Mexican pesos, and all major credit cards. Please contact your local Pizza Patrón store to verify the store’s payment options.

I Want To Apply For An Open Position At Pizza Patrón. Where Do I Submit My Resume?

Click over to the “Pizza Patrón Jobs” page and download the employment application. Then you can attach your resume and send by either E-mail, Fax, or regular Mail.

I Can’t Find The Answer To My Question. Where Can I Go To Ask My Question?

If you are having a hard time finding the answer to your question, please fill out the online contact form in our “Contact Us” page or feel free to give us a call at (210) 614-7888.