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Our mission
Pizza Patrón was founded in 1986 with a vision to provide great food at an exceptional value in a distinctly Latin environment. Our mission statement from the beginning has been "Service to community, commitment to value."

Every new store has to undertake the tremendous challenge of executing store operations at a high level every day while effectively creating a meaningful bond with the community surrounding the store.

Pizza Patrón success requires strong commitment and dedication to the following values: Unique, distinctly Latin experience for guests, Dedication to community service (church, schools, cultural & social events), Unprecedented food value proposition, Simple menu options, Passionate promotion of the Pizza Patrón brand, Strict adherence to Pizza Patrón's guidelines (operations, service, product quality & marketing). Our brand strives to become synonymous with enjoying and celebrating the diversity of the Latin lifestyle.

Tell us about yourself

Can you follow someone's else rules?

Are you ready to accept coaching on how to run your business?

Could you go on if a good idea is rejected by the corporate office?

Would you trust the franchisor on decisions, operations, business model and marketing?

Do you feel comfortable learning new skills?

Do you want to say goodbye to old habits and follow a franchise system?

Are you able to follow procedures on financials and reports?

Are you willing to operate you own business?

Are you ready to target the Hispanic market?

Are you willing to build a good, strong and positive relationship with the community?

Would you feel comfortable working and interacting with people?

Is being a leader, coach, trainer a good fit for you?

Can you work by yourself?

Are you customer oriented?

Do you have the good health needed to operate a restaurant?

Can you handle a crisis situation?

Would follow franchise business model at all times?

Are you quality oriented on product, service and marketing/promotions?

Do you enjoy working towards raising the bar, excellence and achieving your own objectives?


I certify that I have honestly answered the questions on this self assessment.

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Protecting Your Privacy
We understand that your personal privacy is one of your biggest concerns, and we are committed to protecting it. At Pizza Patrón it is our policy not to distribute, sell, rent or in any way make available your name, e-mail address or any other personal information to any third party without your permission.

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